A paid experience called ‘Feast Verde’ where guest take part in a micro experience of the working cycle of the farm from seed saving and planting through to harvesting and washing, finishing with cooking and eating all from produce grown of the farm.

The experience will mimic the process and order taking places across the main farm.
Guests will roam from one pavilion to the next, starting with the Propagation pavilion where they will have the opportunity to learn about seed saving, seedlings, potting and planting.

The next stop on the experience will be the Harvest pavilion another multifunctional shade space housing all the equipment required to explore and harvest the crops.


The final stop on the Feast Verde experience will be the Cooking and eating pavilion. Here guests will bring their freshly sorted and washed harvest and start to prepare their produce to eat.


Location: San Juan Capistrano

Client: The Ecology Center

Stage: Various