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Designers on Holiday is a Featuring Featuring design venture into a new way for creators to journey to an idyllic location and take part in designing and creating their perfect rural getaway. 


This year set at Bergsåsen on the island Gotland located off the coast of Sweden. 


This year’s DOH saw 18 designers from different disciplines and countries build an wide array of essential amenities, including 18 tents, a symbiotic hot tub, a luxury outdoor shower, a wood fired bread oven, a one man sauna, a terracotta kiln, a viewing platform, a waxed cotton sailing boat, a herbal distillery, a sound instillation, a woodland cinema, a camp flag, a loom, soap made from the local flora, paint pigments made from the land, many a wonderful dinner, a few ceramic plates and countless hand-carved spoons. 


For more information and to apply for DOH 215 vist our websites:








IMG_8702 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9067 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7925 copysmall.jpg
KILN 1 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7878 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9780 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9284 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9216 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9214 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9193 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9172 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8959 copy2SMALL.jpg
IMG_8900 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8845 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8829 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9215 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8810 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8658 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8636 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8518 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8346 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8330 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8309 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8307 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8303 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8291 copysmall.jpg
IMG_9207 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8267 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8191 copysmall.jpg
IMG_8123 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7918 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7893 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7875 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7703 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7424 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7389 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7276 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7203 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7194 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7179 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7165 copysmall.jpg
IMG_7010 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6842 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6822 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6818 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6789 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6671 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6670 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6628 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6585 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6437 copysmall.jpg
IMG_6397 copysmall.jpg
IMG_4458 copy copysmall.jpg
IMG_4399twisted copy copysmall.jpg
IMG_4086 copysmall.jpg
IMG_4035 copysmall.jpg
IMG_0112 copysmall.jpg
HOT TUB 2copysmall.jpg
DSCF6184 copysmall.jpg
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