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Featuring - Featuring


Desktop organiser made from solid schellac colored with charcoal. 


Lac is the scarlet resinous secretion of insects indigenous to South East Asia. this material is used traditionally to make jewelry and other decorative items because of its natural shiny finish and ability to take on vibrant colours.


The raw material is harvested from branches by heating them over a fire and is later refined to make shellac, used

commercially to provide a protective layer of lacquer on materials.


Moving away from the traditional artisan techniques, Featuring-Featuring instead used computer modelling and 3D printing, utilizing lac's thermoplastic like properties, to create complex patterns and moulds that could not normally be achieved by hand.


Different geometric shapes finished with the same pattern allows for the elements to intersect with each other in a variety of different ways creating, areas, platforms and pots to tidy away your, pens, pencils and paper clips.







A SHELLACsmall.jpg
B SHELLACsmall.jpg
G SHELLACsmall.jpg
F SHELLACsmall.jpg
E SHELLACsmall.jpg
D SHELLACsmall.jpg
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